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Strong and Practical

A great little stroller - one of Emmaljunga’s strongest, most flexible and lightest models!

Compact when folded

Simple to fold and store

The stroller that you can take anywhere

The Scooter2.0 tackles a variety of terrains with ease so walks on the beach, through the forest or in the snow are not off limits
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Unbeatable all terrain stroller

Why choose Scooter2.0?

• light and compact when travelling
• compact dimensions when folded
• robust chassis in lightweight steel
• Polar Performance colours feature colour coordinating painted chassis

From 6 months – 3+ years

A simple, practical stroller

(not suitable from birth)

Weight and measurement

Chassis weight incl. seat unit: 10.1 kg

Wheels weight: 1.9 kg

Outer measurements (folded):

88 x 53 x 52 cm (incl wheels, length x width x height)

Scooter2.0 is a simple and practical stroller (not suitable from birth). It is one of Emmaljunga’s strongest, lightest, and most versatile models. It combines quality with a very reasonable price and is therefore a strong favourite in our range. Scooter2.0 tackles a variety of terrains with ease. Enjoying a stroll on the beach, a ramble through the forest or trudging through the snow is not off limits. Scooter2.0 is perfect for those who require a buggy that is easy to push, can be taken anywhere, is simple to use and compact to fold.

It can be used from the time when your child is able to sit up unaided. To make the 5-point harness a more suitable fit for a 6 month old baby, you can buy the Minimizer/Seat Pad (accessory).

Comparison table

Compare the different pram models


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37402 All Black
37403 Denim Black
37404 Denim Blue
37405 Dakar
37419 Apple
37420 Terracotta
37421 Coffee
37422 Black/Red
37423 Black/Blue
37424 Dark Grey
37428 Black/White
37429 Black/Yellow
37430 Black/Pink


Excellent sun protection

Nylon raincover

Keeps the pram dry

Exclusive Apron

Protects in all weathers

Allround Footmuff

Can be used all year round