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Mondial 3-in-1

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Stylish, spacious and fully equipped

Choose between 8 different chassis

Chassi Chrome, Chassi Cryptonite, Sport Chassi, De Luxe, Duo S Chrome, Duo S Black, Duo S White, Duo S Cryptonite


Your child has plenty of space, comfort and calm in the spacious carrycot and seat unit.

Including a carrycot and reversible seat unit

Edge Duo Combi is fully equipped for use from birth to 3 years of age including a carrycot and reversible seat unit.
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 Read the MadeForMums review on the Emaljunga mondial duo combi What we love

"The Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi feels like heirloom material. It’s quality build and fabrics are impressive. Emmaljunga states its fabrics have a UV protection of 50+. While I didn't enjoy any sun while testing this pram, I can testify that the fabric is water repellent when an unexpected shower hits! Also, there’s a raincover in a small pack-away bag Velcro-ed to the chassis.

The carrycot mattress is extremely comfortable and the carrycot is spacious enough to last for the first few month of your baby’s life. It makes it unnecessary to spend on a Moses basket or crib. Benny, at 4 months and 14lb, still had plenty of room to grow in it.
Thanks to the Mondial's great suspension, Benny had a fantastically cushy ride when I headed “off road” across our local meadow."

Why choose Mondial?

• luxurious
• complete pram with seat unit and carrycot
• includes mattress, stormcover, 2 aprons, integral sunshade and mosquito net
• spacious inner dimensions
• wonderfully comfortable
• tested according to EN1888:2012

From newborn – 3 years

Fully equipped for use from birth to 3 years of age

Weight and measurement

Please see: Choose between 8 different chassis

Mondial Duo Combi is designed for our fashion conscious customers who want a chic, exclusive, classic and elegant world class 3-in-1. Mondial is based on one of our best-selling prams, which has already received international recognition. As a result, every detail has been tested and refined. With the Mondial, you can enjoy a shopping trip and stay out all day, with a clear conscience, knowing that your child has a comfortable and peaceful environment in the spacious carrycot. The pram can be used as a travel system if you buy an adaptor and Emmaljunga's First Class0+Base car seat.

Mondial Duo Combi is fully equipped for use from birth to 3 years of age including a carrycot and a reversible seat unit. Choose from 8 different chassis options.

Choose between 8 different chassis:

Classic Chrome

white walled, ball bearing air wheels.

Classic Cryptonite

black walled ball bearing air wheels.

De Luxe Chassi

Sport Chassi

black/grey walled ball bearing air wheels.

Duo S Chrome Chassi

Duo S Black Chassi

Duo S White Chassi

Duo S Cryptonite Chassi

Swivel wheels, sporty, puncture free lightweight wheels in Alu look

For further information about the chassis please click here

Comparison table

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11401 Navy
11415 Anthrazit Leatherette
11416 White Leatherette
11417 Vanilla Leatherette
11418 Espresso Leatherette

Bedset Box

Everything you need to make the pram more comfortable

Style Changing Bag

Luxurious bag with style and practicality

Exclusive Mattress

Added comfort for the baby

Leatherette Footmuff

Stylish, exclusive and soft

First Class0+Base

Car seat providing safety from car to pram

Travel System Adaptor

To attach the car seat on to the pram chassis