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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

On the following pages we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions with answers which will act as additional advance information:

Where can I purchase an Emmaljunga pram?
Your contact for all queries/service for all Emmaljunga products is your local authorised Emmaljunga retailer. They will provide you with comprehensive and competent advice. Their address can be found on the Retailer list here.

What do Emmaljunga products cost in the shops?
Please contact your Emmaljunga retailer for information about prices.

Can I order online via Emmaljunga Barnvagnsfabrik AB?
You cannot order your pram directly from Emmaljunga Barnvagnsfabrik AB. Our prams can only be found for sale when you visit one of our authorised Emmaljunga retailers.

I have lost my product manual. Where can I order a new?
You can download the manuals from the web site as a PDF file. Alternatively, contact your Emmaljunga retailer.

Where can I order a catalogue?
You can download a catalogue from the web site as a PDF file. You can also find our catalogues at your Emmaljunga retailer.

Where can I get hold of spare parts? Who can repair my pram or pushchair?
In case or repair or if you wish to return a faulty product always contact the Emmaljunga retailer you purchased the pram from.

How long does the guarantee last on an Emmaljunga pram?
Emmaljunga complies with the rules prescribed by law. The maximum reclamation time is two years and applies to materials and manufacturing faults.

I have to know if I can get my pram in the car. How big is the pram and what does it weigh?
The pram's dimensions and weight can be found on the side of the pram.

In which colours can I order the prams?
The various colours available can be found on the side of the pram.

How long is the delivery time of an Emmaljunga pram?
You can find Emmaljunga’s delivery times on the website. Once you have chosen a pram, click on 'Colours /Delivery times' and then on the individual pram. Then a box appears with delivery times from the factory.

Can I attach a toddlerroller onto an Emmaljunga pram?
Emmaljunga offers Original Emmaljunga toddlerrollers with adaptor for most prams. Under the table of comparison you will see what prams that can be equipped with a toddlerroller. Usage of a strange product with similar functions is at your own risk and responsibility.

I want to wash my pram. What advice do you give?
The Leatherette fabrics are cleaned with a drip of mild washing up liquid and a damp cloth.

Which pram should I choose?
You will find a large selection of pram models and accessories in our range. Our suggestion is to choose a pram to suit your own individual requirements and lifestyle. For instance, do you live in a city centre or in the countryside? Do you travel a lot by car or are you mainly going to use the pram for walks? If you would like a spacious pram and have a spacious car, then one of our 3-in-1s is the best choice for you. If you prefer something smaller and lighter, a pram from our City collection would be the best option. If you live in the centre of town, the NitroCity is a great choice with its swivel wheels and compact chassis. For an all terrain stroller, ideal for pushing along the beach or through the snow, the City Cross and Scooter are both unbeatable choices. Generally, 4-wheeled prams offer more stability than 3-wheelers and fixed wheels are better 'offroad', on uneven terrain, than swivel wheels. Despite all these differences, there is one common factor to the design of all our prams - we always begin by considering the needs of the child and the child's safety above all else and all our products meet the latest requirements of the European standards for prams - EN 1888.

Do I need to present my warranty card?
Yes, your warenty card registers your product for warranty.

If I bought an Emmaljunga in one country, can I buy spareparts from another country?
No. Countries may have different standards they need to meet, for your own safety, always contact your dealer where you bought your stroller.