It’s fantastic

Polar Footmuff

Easily attached

Can be attached securely into the stroller.

Positions the 5-point harness

Features two openings for the 5-point harness’ shoulder straps allowing the straps to be positioned lower down to ensure that the smaller child can rest comfortably.

Wonderfully soft material

with excellent thermal properties

Modern and durable footmuff

Fits all Emmaljunga strollers
Modern and durable footmuff in wonderfully soft material with excellent thermal properties. The head end can be drawn together to protect your child when the temperature really drops. The foot end is tapered to fit all the prams in the Viking series perfectly.

The footmuff has openings for the 5-point harness with two separate positions. Clips enable you to attach the footmuff in place in the pram so it stays securely in place. Opens using a practical zip in the centre. Available in six basic colours.
56401 Navy
56402 Black
56416 White
56418 Espresso
56424 Dark Grey
56427 Khaki

Allround Footmuff

Can be used all year round

Leatherette Footmuff

Stylish, exclusive and soft

Exclusive Apron
Protects in all weathers